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APSL ( Ampere Protection Services LLP) has been incorporated with a mission of introducing new protection technologies for electrical and power systems, both for industrial and domestic use since 2014 from Gurgaon, Haryana.

With a plethora of choices around the world for newer & safer technologies which save human life and assets from the terrible hazards of man-made and natural disasters like earthing, lightning & surge protection, fire breakouts which cause terrible losses worldwide, we will provide Internationally acceptable and economical solutions for these hazards. The technologies so far adopted by consultants and local approving authorities are far short of required safety and the more safer guidelines have not been adopted. APSL has the required exposure, access to those guidelines and ability to adopt and provide such services with some of world’s best known companies in those fields. We provide a brief snapshot of those technologies in our chosen fields ::

Registration number : 876774420

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Instituitions affiliated/ member :Central Board of Irrigation & Power ( CBIP), Chanakyapuri, New Delhi.

Attended Technical sessions:Renewable Energy Exposition , Greater Noida expo center (2015/ 2016/2017), Indian Defence Expo , New Delhi ( 2014). IREE 2015/ 2017 ( Indian RAIL & URBAN TRANSIT Sector), New Delhi, ELECRAMA 2014/2016

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For Earthing system:

We use chemically treated Earthing materials as per IEEE 80 2000 ( 14.5D). Both foreign make and Indian make materials are available depending upon application/ budget. Brands include Chemicals & backfill materials. We do not use UNAPPROVED ELECTRODES like Strip in Pipe / Pipe in pipe, such Electrodes are not approved by any National or International STANDARDS . Our supplies and execution are certified as per 

For Lightning Protection:

World renowned brand EUROSTAR (www.eurostar-protection.com). We have long-term EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTION RIGHTS with EURO ENGINEERING (the parent company)  for more than 10 Asian countries ranging from middle-east to south-east Asia. EUROSTAR has patented award-winning design. EURO ENGINEERING has products selling that is as per NFC 17-102 ( 2011) & EN/ IEC 62305 . Which really means ONE COMPANY has ALL THE PRODUCTS that you can possibly need for Effective & High Tech Lightning protection at an affordable quality.
for Surge Protection : From the renowned TELEBAHN Co. ( Hong Kong) we introduce BLITZTRAP & BLITZSHIELD Surge Protection Devices , on all kinds of applications. The products are certified to highest International standards

For Exothermic Welding:

We already have done 4500 joints across India , Bangladesh & other countries. Sourced from some of the best tested companies we have introduced TABLET Technology from Apliweld (Spain) to India & Bangladesh, We now provide even better technology of wired ignition systems on cost effective prices from China, some of whom are even UL listed

for Solar PV / water heating systems : Made In India products. Rooftop and Ground mounted high quality structures are available, including Germany based manufacturer distribution tieups.